Shipping a package or envelope within Canada? Ship with FlagShip GO! Compare the discounted shipping rates and services from leading courier companies Purolator, UPS and FedEx, all on one website. Complete your shipment around the clock. Have it picked up directly at your door or drop it off at a depot, it’s your choice. FlagShip GO is the simple, convenient and affordable way to ship.

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FlagShip GO features an easy-to-use process that takes you through all the steps - from choosing the right service, to printing labels to scheduling your pick up. If you ever need more help, our Customer Support team is just a phone call away.


Our exclusive online system allows you to view and compare discounted rates and services from Purolator, UPS and FedEx - all on one page. You then simply choose the one that’s right for you and confirm your shipment with just a few clicks.


We designed FlagShip GO to take the hassle out of the shipping process. You can complete all the steps and get the required documents, right from your own computer or smart device. You can even schedule a pick up – on your own schedule - hassle-free!


FlagShip has over a decade of experience in the shipping industry and our strong relationships with leading couriers have helped us to develop our exclusive online systems, including FlagShip GO. And it’s all done to help you ship your packages easily and affordably.